Making a difference in people’s lives around the world


Ingeus is the global leader in delivering innovative employment and health program services, training and skills support and probation services to the private and public sector. 2,700 employees throughout the U.K, Europe (Germany, France, Switzerland, Poland), Asia (South Korea, Saudi Arabia), and Australia, New Zealand. Papua New Guinea help people believe in themselves and give them the business tools to take control of their careers and their health and futures. By integrating training, skills support and employment services, we ensure higher- quality services to every individual, and create lasting job employability for our clients.

Investing in Technology

Ingeus continued to expand the use of Ingeus Works, our in-house case-management and knowledge and best practice sharing platform. We also invested in web-based technology to support our case management tools, on-line career center listings and job search aggregator. We also invested in new elearning modules for our clients to help them better prepare to enter or transition in to new careers including interactive training/video learning modules, interview simulators, and CV builder tools.

Achieving Growth through Social Impact

In 2015, Ingeus became a U.K. B Corporation, an independent certification of meeting the rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency, and scored in the top 10% globally for our environmental, staff, customer, community and governance commitments.

Forging New Partnerships

Strong partnerships underpin everything that we do, and working with specialists organizations from the public and private sector allow our teams to deliver integrated, relevant services to individuals with the greatest needs. This year, Ingeus began executing on the U.K. Ministry of Justice contracts, whose goals is to reduce the highly destructive cycle of recidivism through employability programs and skills training. Our three National Citizen Service (NCS) contracts also helped to provide transformational educational experiences for teenagers in England, impacting around 60,000 young people. Mission Providence, our joint venture with Mission Australia, was awarded a contract to deliver employment services in eight regions across Australia with 55 full-time sites and 12 outreach sites. And, we began contracts to deliver the New Employment Incentive Scheme across 20 regions and “Work for the Dole” in 6 regions, building on our reputation as a leading employment services provider worldwide.


2015 Financials