Reshaping the chronic care home-based treatment model

Matrix Medical Services

Matrix Medical Services continues to be the leader in comprehensive health assessment services supported by our 800+ nurse practitioner network. One of the fastest growing segments of Matrix’s business is services that support the treatment of chronic conditions like diabetes, [insert the rest]. The Matrix team completed multiple strategic goals during 2015, including increasing its market leadership with Medicare Advantage plans and expanding its service offerings to address adjacent markets like chronic and pediatric care of patients' care, leading to improvements in health outcomes.

Addressing Chronic Care Opportunities

With over 2 million people aging into Medicare every year and Medicaid enrollment at more than 70 million, health plans are grappling with the increasing burden of chronic disease. In order to address this challenge, Matrix Medical expanded our CareDirect service to deliver seamless, sustainable in-home care for chronic disease patients.

Expanding Access to In-Home Health Assessments to the Pediatric and Managed Medicaid patients

In 2015, we expanded into the Managed Medicaid and Pediatric Assessment markets, broadening healthcare access to patients at all life stages and giving us a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Creating New Learning & Development Center of Excellence

In November, Matrix Medical launched a new Learning & Development Center of Excellence. In a rapidly changing healthcare ecosystem, this team will be responsible for ensuring the continuous development of Matrix employees through a comprehensive company-wide clinical and leadership development curriculum.