Ownership Approach

Providence takes an active approach to investing, working closely with our businesses to help them execute strategy, improve operations and increase intrinsic value over the long term.

Ownership Structure  

Providence differentiates itself through its holding company structure and empowers our operating company leaders with the autonomy to run their business operations most effectively in order to serve their specific client needs.

Target Acquisitions  

We acquire and invest in businesses that deliver innovation and provide critical community-based services. We also intend to utilize these assets to expand organically and through acquisitions into adjacent markets and complementary service lines.

Capital Allocation  

We provide our businesses with access to capital, strategic advice and execution expertise to ensure profitability, a foundation for long-term and relevant value creation.

Management Philosophy  

We support and empower agile, strong management teams to deliver sustained, outstanding performance. Within our current businesses, we seek to leverage our market reputation, customer relationships, and core competencies to capture growth opportunities within our existing markets and service lines.

Culture of Operational Excellence  

Our culture of operational excellence is inspired by our clients, embraces bold and diverse ideas, and empowers our colleagues to create sustained and meaningful value. We also continuously strive to capture service delivery efficiencies while also improving the quality of our offerings.

Core Competencies  

Our core competencies include developing and managing large provider networks, tailoring service offerings to the unique needs of diverse communities and populations, and designing service delivery models to achieve superior outcomes in low cost settings.