Investment Strategy

We are continually seeking strategic opportunities to expand our portfolio of businesses that support our U.S. Healthcare and Global Workforce Development industry platforms.

We invest in companies that provide critical community based solutions within health and human services niche markets. We look for companies, and share our values, have competitive market positions, experienced leadership teams, and the potential to earn an attractive return on our investment capital.

Our holding company strategy is designed to increase shareholder value through positive returns on invested capital and free cash flow generation, which in turn is predicated upon the continued development and efficient delivery of critical and high quality services. Our current service offerings are based upon a common purpose of delivering exceptional value in the healthcare and social service industries, primarily in a community or home setting.

Our Goal

The goal of our current service offerings are to deliver exceptional customer value to the healthcare and social services industries, primarily in a community or home-based setting. We are continuously striving to capture service delivery efficiencies while also improving the quality of our offerings.

Our Core Competencies

We develop and manage large provider networks, tailoring healthcare and social service offerings to the unique needs of diverse communities and populations, and designing service delivery models to achieve superior outcomes that reduce overall cost of care.

Our Investment Approach

We acquire and invest in a portfolio of industry leading businesses that provide critical in home and community based services and delivering innovation that enable people to age in home longer and healthier.

Our Infrastructure

We have strengthened our operating infrastructure by improving reporting and financial planning, restructuring incentive structures on cash generation and long–term value improvements, and refined growth and operating improvement strategies at the vertical or platform level.

Our Priorities

Within our current segments, we seek to leverage our market reputation, customer relationships, and core competencies to capture growth opportunities within our current markets and service lines. We are focused on these priorities to build long-term value for the portfolio and seek investment opportunities where we see sensible synergies with our existing portfolio companies in order to provide better connected care offerings.