Industry Sectors

Our primary areas of investment focus are within the U.S. Healthcare and Global Workforce Development sectors.

U.S. Healthcare Services

With Medicare expected to exceed 80 million enrollments by 2021 and Medicare Advantage expected to exceed 22 million beneficiaries, payers need a partner to provide critical health management services that allow seniors to remain in their homes longer. There is a focus on value-based integrated care models in home and community-based settings and Providence is well positioned to benefit from macro trends impacting the healthcare industry, while contributing to improved outcomes and reduced costs.

Global Workforce Development Services

Workforce Development Services help people who are unemployed or who have other barriers to employment by offering services, which include employment preparation and placement, apprenticeship and training, and certain health-related services, such as employee assistance programs. The Workforce Development end user client base is broad and includes recently and long-term unemployed, disabled, and unskilled individuals, as well as individuals that are coping with medical illnesses, are newly graduated from educational institutions, or that have been released from incarceration.